Zouma was Insulted Being a Makeweight For Kounde Transfer Fans go Wild on Twitter

Kurt Zouma time at chelsea have been one where he got little respect than he actually deserved, even if he has been a winner at the club and have been an important squad player in almost all trophies win during his time at the club.

Most Highlighted his on the ball lack of confidence as the reason Chelsea went to Kounde and kounde’s ability to play on the right hand side of a back three, a position where Thomas Tuchel had to use Ceser Azipiculeta on last season.

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Although Kounde is obviously an upgrade on Zouma Defensively for Chelsea it’s also a bonus the french Defender is young and would serve the club for a very long time.


Some Fans were happy and some were unhappy at Chelsea treatment on Kurt Zouma as they brought in Jules konde to Replace him. Here are what some said on this.

  • Including Zouma in the deal for Kounde is fair as Zouma doesn’t deserve to be benched. Excited for Kounde as he’s exactly the kind of player we need and he will improve our defense.
  • Regular playing time at sevilla will be good for him causebits not guaranteed at chelsea and I don’t think he fits into Tuchel style of play.
  • Always been a big fan of Zouma, underrated on the ball, colossal in defence, even though he is more suited in a 2, he definitely stepped up when required in a 3 under Tuchel. Kounde is perfect for right centre back though, so if thats what Tuchel wants, then its okay with me.
  • We respect Zouma and we like him but players come and go. Further, Zouma wants to regularly play to maintain his position in the National team what he will not get at Chelsea but Kounde has no pressure of playing time as he is still young.
  • I really love Zouma tbh, I think it’s his confidence on the ball that is letting him down here, asides that he’s really good.

Kurt Zouma is better in a back two and With Kounde coming from a back three at sevilla he would fit perfectly with Chelsea plans for next season.