Why Christian Pulisic is a Bigger Transfer than Romelu Lukaku

Many people still sleep on the fact Christian Pulisic joined Chelsea being a world class sought after winger.

Yes he got benched by Jadon Sancho while at Dortmund but he came to chelsea to replace the outgoing king in hazard and take up that role Eden hazard left void.

Injuries hindered that from happening, most times he nearly got that hazard bit of form injuries struck.

The American isn’t known for him being that “Ronaldo Prolific” he is more “Hazard Creative” that could be seen during the super cup where he was brought on to replace Injured Hakim Ziyech who Offered more in terms of goals, Pulisic is a player who creates spaces for his attacking teammates and draws fouls on himself which benefits the team especially when they need a goal desperately.

Lukaku on his part is a bullish Striker who uses his physical attributes to get the most out of his opponents and score goals.

Tuchel Demands alot of leadership attributes from Romelu Lukaku he sees the Striker as that prominent star figure in his team although in terms of monetary value christian Pulisic is worth more as he commands an audience that’s USA.

Undoubtedly Pulisic pose to be a better star in terms of monetary value than Romelu Lukaku.