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WATCH VIDEO: Cristiano Ronaldo Scores 2 goals against Ireland to become all time international goal scorer.

The most international goals in the history of men’s football. Cristiano Ronaldo is undeniably brilliant. Ireland were 1-0 up on 88 minutes but persisted all game with allowing Portugal acres of space in wide areas to deliver into their box, Ireland playing with wing backs!.

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Do that with Ronaldo around, and eventually he’ll get you, the man is built to fly through the air, and that he did with two stunning headers!. A machine! Portugal 2-1 Ireland.

After a missed penalty Ronaldo saw to it he delivered the points needed for the next round in the qualifying match for 2022 world cup

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At 109 goals to break all time international goal scorer record he did it with a 1 goal lead an the chart with 111 goals.