Watch Video: Awkward Mendy Error that Won the Game for Carlo Ancelotti Everton Side

Edouard Mendy was on the Receiving end of a Costly error he made that won the game for Everton as he came off his line in an attempt to punch away the ball off Calvert Lewin Reach to Pounce on.

That action he took was miscalculated and Lewin went down on the challenge by that collision with Mendy that resulted to him being awarded a penalty which he (siggurdsson) scored in the first half of the Encounter.

Although Mendy has been top class since he joined Chelsea from Rennes errors like this was what led to the downfall of kepa arrizabalaga who was always prone to commiting errors and never learning from past errors created which was why he was dropped by Frank Lampard as he lost his trust completely on Kepa.

The error by Mendy cannot be fully blamed on him as he tried his best to put off Dominic Calvert Lewin from getting to the ball first as Calvert Lewin has been outstanding this season but unluckily siggurdsson brought his early season form to this game and off-course scored a Golazo against Mendy even if it ended up coming from a penalty.

Although one positive for Chelsea was that after a very long time fans were glad to be back to watch Chelsea play live in the stadium.

That loss mean Chelsea missed out on the opportunity to take on the First spot on the league table as they remain 3rd with 22 points in the English premier league.