WATCH: Petr Cech dangerous saves leading to the 2012 Champions League final against Bayern Munich

Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech had an amazing career throughout his Chelsea contract signing.

He made his greatest achievement by winning the Champions League trophy for the first time in the club’s history.

Petr Cech was tagged the ‘Chelsea Legend’ after he stopped Arjen Robben’s dying minutes penalty kick for Bayern Munich.

The match was further played till the penalty shootout where Petr Cech made two saves and diving in the right direction of most of the penalties.

Chelsea won in the penalty shootout thanks to Didier Drogba last hoping goal for all blue’s around the world.

Petr Cech was named the Man Of The Match by the UEFA – Union of European Football Association – while Didier Drogba was tagged the Man Of The Match by the Blues fans.

Some of Petr Cech’s Accomplishments in Chelsea:

494 Games (appearances), 228 Clean Sheets (total), 4 Premier League trophies, 4 FA Cup trophies 3 League Cup trophies, 1 Champions League trophy, 1 Europa League trophy, 1-time Winner of the CFC Player of the Year, 4 Premier League Golden Glove Award.

Watch Petr Cech best saves in Chelsea:

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