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WATCH: Jadon Sancho shows off his stunning skill during training as he scores a goal from the corner kick area with an amazing banana ball

Borussia Dortmund’s 21-year-old star Jadon Sancho showed his banana curving skill during a training session for the EURO 2021.

The Englishman had a drill session with his fellow team mates for the EURO 2021 campaign. The England squad passed through the hard drill and when the training was over, Sancho decided to show off a piece of his scoring skill.

In the video, Sancho is seen tapping the ball a step away from the corner kick line – doing some light skills – then he taps it high and shoots the ball on the out-swing and it curves – like the banana – and enters the net. He smiles and walks away with Raheem Sterling.

Watch Video below:

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