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(VIDEO) Watch Video of Paralympic participant Ibrahim Hamadtou who uses his oral organ in tennis

Ibrahim Hamadtou lost his arms in an accident when he was 10 years of age. However, during an interview with CNN back in 2014, Hamadtou buttressed that he considered playing soccer initially, due to his condition.

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He said, “In our village, we could only play, at that time, table tennis and soccer – that’s why I played both. It was [logical] to play soccer first due to my case; then I played table tennis as a challenge.

“It was quite difficult playing table tennis after the accident. I had to practice hard for three consecutive years on a daily basis. At the beginning, people were amazed and surprised seeing me playing.

“They encouraged and supported me a lot and they were very proud of my willing, perseverance and determination.”

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As a result of Hamadtou not having his hands in place, he tosses the ball up with his feet and places the bat in his mouth. This improvisation has left paralympic fans across the globe in awe as comedian Omad Dhalili couldn’t hide his emotions as he bided his time to air his view on social media.

He tweeted on Twitter: “This is incredible,”

“48 year old Egyptian Paralympian Ibrahim Hamadtou who lost his arms in a train accident aged 10 in Tokyo today.

“Could have played football but took up table tennis as a challenge.” How inspiring is this?”

Hamadtou took on Para Asian gold medalist Park Hong-Ku on Wednesday in class six qualifiers, however, he was defeated in straight sets, losing 11-6, 11-4, 11-9.


Hamadtou has represented Egypt in 2016 and 2020 Summer Paralympics Games in Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo. Hamadtou won a silver medal in the African Para table tennis Championships back in December 2013.

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