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[VIDEO] Watch Cristiano Ronaldo Top 5 dribbles and Leg overs against Newcastle on his second debut

Cristiano Ronaldo a sensational figure in history of football makes his second debut to Manchester united and the club and fans accepted him with open arms. His never ending love for breaking records and achieving greatness.

In the starting 11 of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s team against Newcastle United was of Ronaldo’s first game against an English team in the premiere League.

Cristiano Ronaldo who is a great finisher and doesn’t miss a chance on goal against his opponents even with great Goalkeepers recall he scored an hat trick against David De Gea in the 2018 world cup in Russia.

Ronaldo is set to fulfill his dream with Manchester united as the club is one with dreams. The 36-year-old is not done yet like he said he is not here for Vacation but to help the team.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s words after the game against Newcastle United on Saturday.

“When I started the game I was so nervous, I swear. It is normally because I did not expect that they would sing my name all game. I was very nervous but maybe I didn’t show but I was.”

“I didn’t expect to score two goals. I expect one but not two. I have to appreciate the fans and what they did to me today. I feel so proud for that.”

“This club is unbelievable and I am so proud. I am going to give everything to make them proud of me. The team needs to be mature if we want to win the league and the Champions League but we are in a good way and I am here to help the team.”

Cristiano Ronaldo moves against Newcastle United