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Video: Funny Hazard Moments Away from the Pitch during his Playing Days for Chelsea

If one doesn’t know Eden Hazard profession one could mistake him to be a stand up comedian 😂 he is anyway only that he doesn’t take it as a profession though.

Judging Eden Hazard with his on-pitch behavior on how he turns players upside down with ease one could mistake him to be some thug, but he isn’t anyway as he has been able to command the respect of his teammates and opposition through his humor.

We would be Highlighting two extreme funny moments of Eden Hazard while he was still playing for Chelsea Fc before moving to Real Madrid as he turns 30 today. 🎂

The 2014 Chelsea player of the Year award where he dissed the Other Nominees.

He started his Greeting Speech with “Thank you all of you especially to the three nominees Azipiculeta and John terry you deserve it but its me 😂 sorry, and maybe next season you would train a bit more and (he pauses as he knew he himself didn’t take trainings that serious) thank you.

Watch the video 👇


The Moment he Toyed with an American Football (forgive me if I don’t know it’s exact name) and thought Kovasic and Jorginho some ball juggling lessons

After Willian showed Hazard some ball juggling skills, hazard was provoked 🙄 to show all of them who was the boss of skills as he handled the ball with extreme excellence.

Watch the Video 👇

Happy Birthday Eden Hazard ❤️

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