Manchester United

VERIFIED: Manchester United vs Liverpool’s game is now called off

The Premier League match between Manchester United and Liverpool officially has been called off and postponed due to the heavy protest at Old Trafford Stadium this afternoon.

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Hundreds of protesters breached the security and gained entry into the pitch, protesting about the Glazers ownership of the club, ahead of Man Utd Premier League game against Liverpool.

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However, the police officers tried to scare off the protesters from inside the pitch and outside, the protesters clashed with the police men who tried to get them off the premises.

But after much pressure, the police men were able to pursue all protesters from the premises and security operatives at Old Trafford tripled the security rate and tightened the entrance.

Manchester United players were about leaving their hotel to their stadium when the tragic incident took place and it prevented them from leaving.

However, United released a Press Statement earlier on the postponed game till further notice and Liverpool F.C is in “full support” of the decision of Man Utd to call off the game.