UWCL Final turned into a Friendly Match: How chelsea turned into an Object of Ridicule in 2 days

It went all Rosy when Chelsea FC qualified for Three Big finals with the Men team qualifying for two while the female team with the Uefa Women Champions League and some other domestic finals which Emma Hayes won.

Barcelona potential were underestimated by the media at first with many fans already tipping a loss for the Spanish based team, due to little media attention on the Spanish women league fans didn’t know Barcelona were not a team to underestimate.

Check out their League performance this season.

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Barcelona this season have been known to outscore their opponents and at same time keep the opponents from Scoring. They have scored a whooping 128 Goals in the Spanish women league and top the league table with just 26 games played this season and they are currently on the road to be invisible.

Emma Hayes underestimated them with the Tactics brought or rather let’s say the players could not cope with the demands her Tactics needed to be well implemented.

Chelsea had literally no Defense line as the players looked fatigued to the energy Barcelona excreted on them.

That eventually resulted to Barcelona winning chelsea 4-0 to clinch the Uefa Women Champions League.

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Is this Turning into a Curse for Chelsea?

Tuchel lost to Leicester city with same Mistakes Emma Hayes made against Barcelona “Tactics” while Tuchel was solely focused on stopping Vardy from being potent he forgot Chelsea Weakness in attack as he brought Reece James to defend and Replaced him with Ceser Azipiculeta who could barely make an accurate cross.

His Decision on using Kepa arrizabalaga on the Goal also cost him the win as it was a big gamble to make the player happy after him turned from being a first choice Goalkeeper to being a second choice Goalkeeper.

The goal Youri Tielemans scored with Kepa being the one on the goal post would have been avoided if Eduoard Mendy was the one one goal as the Senegalese is know to being resistant to goals Scored from such range.

Two Finals in two days, Fans Expected more.

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