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USA legend says Pulisic is “too good for Chelsea”

Former USMNT defender Alexi Lalas has reveals that he believes fellow countryman Christian Pulisic is too good to play for Chelsea.

The 22-year-old winger played an important role in helping Chelsea secure a top four finish last season, but has been limited to just seven starts this season due to injury.

Alexi Lalas, who made 94 appearances for the USMNT, spoke about the winger’s performance against Manchester City.

In his words, he said:

“I thought Christian Pulisic was incredible,

“I know at times it looked like he was trying to do everything himself but taking on two and three players at a time, his quickness, his one-two touches, all of that kind of stuff.

“If you watch that game, a game in which Chelsea got completely destroyed, I’m hard-pressed to find anybody who would watch that game and single out Christian Pulisic as a bright spot.

“That’s not always the case when Christian Pulisic plays, but in this game I actually appreciated and respected the fact he constantly went searching for the ball. He was constantly doing what he does so well which is take players on. At times it was two, three players, at times ultimately that last guy would nick the ball, but it wasn’t as if he had options up there so you’d say, ‘why’s he trying to do everything himself’ or, ‘he’s doing too much’.

“Here’s the problem. The way we’re talking about this performance from Christian Pulisic is of a player who shines despite the fact that he is not playing with the best players, or is playing against vastly superior opposition and still being able to show.”

Lalas then went on to reveal that he believes Christian Pulisic is too good to play for Chelsea.

“This is Chelsea with all the talent they have and all the money they have spent,

“I’ll say it right now, Christian Pulisic is too good for this Chelsea team.

“His talents are being wasted right now at Chelsea, with this Chelsea team that they have.”

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