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UPDATE: Cristiano Ronaldo is set to wear the Usual No.7 shirt at Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo back at Manchester United after 12 years since he moved to Real Madrid before his debut to Juventus in Turin Italy.

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After a much decisive move of the player from Juventus he decided to join his old club on a 20 million Euro transfer fee as requested by Juventus.

The controversial thing was the jersey number he would wear at the club as Edinson Cavani was on the number 7 shirt already.

What shirt number will Cristiano Ronaldo wear at Manchester United this season?

Ronaldo wore number 7 jersey in his first spell at United. However, that option is not open – even if the current owner of the shirt, Edinson Cavani, was prepared to hand it over.

Premier League rule M.5 clearly states that Cavani must keep the No. 7 shirt for the whole season. If Cristiano Ronaldo wants the No. 7 shirt, Cavani must leave, or Manchester United must get special dispensation from the Premier League board, which has never before been granted.

Reports from tw/JonathanShrager states that

Cristiano Ronaldo is now set to get the no.7 shirt at Manchester United. The club have come to an agreement with the Premier League and Cavani was willing to give it up.