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Two Chelsea Women Players Unlikely to Start Against Bayern Today in the UCL

Emma Hayes side in the first leg Gave some shocking results against Bayern munich and lost 2-1 with a vital away goal scored by Melanie Leupolz.

Chelsea would be looking forward to redeeming themselves but with a win although many key players would be missing from the Starting XI and all depends on the Tactical brilliance of Emma Hayes to drive chelsea into a win given their incredible form from the start of the season till now.

Editors pick (Chelsea women Highlights)

Players unlikely to start against Bayern munich


Chelsea captain Magdalena Eriksson who just recovered from an intense Injury and missed the first leg of the tie due to the Injury would certainly not start this game but she would be in the team sheet. Also fellow Defender Maren Mjelde would be totally out of the team sheet and Chelsea would definitely miss the impact in terms of ruthlessness she would bring in the game.


Expected Lineup

Chelsea Women Most Likely starting lineup:

Berger; Carter, Bright, Eriksson, Andersson; Ji, Leupolz; Cuthbert, Harder, Kirby; Kerr


Bayern Munich Most Likely starting lineup:

Benkarth; Ilstedt, Hegering, Simon, Laudehr; Magull, Zadrazil, Lohmann, Glas; Beerensteyn, Buhl

Who would Win?

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As a media side focused on reporting any news relating to english football we might be a little biase here as we pick chelsea to win with a 2-0 margin.

Not unlikely to happen though you can’t rule out the possibility of it happening as we all know of the fire looking Attacking connection between kirby and Kerr.