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Tuchel reveals why Chelsea failed to win against Leeds, gives valid reason

Chelsea were held to a frustrating goalless draw against London rivals Leeds United.

It was a tough game for Thomas Tuchel’s side away from home at Elland road pitch as  the Blues were forced to take home just a point.

The pitch was not in the best of form for today’s game as it was looking deteriorated and it seemed to have affected the players.

Tuchel commented on the bad state of the pitch and said it was a “factor” in today’s bad performance.

“It is super hard to play the pitch. Very slippery and bouncy. It was not so nice to play and the pitch is not in good condition – this is a factor. We have to live with a draw. I think it was a very difficult conditions but we accepted all difficulties.”

Tuchel who still unbeaten since he arrived at Chelsea further analyzed the game and urged his side to do better in coming games.

“We had a couple of chances to go 1-0 ahead but they trouble you and pressure you,” he said.

“You need to make a goal for belief. Sometimes it is like this. I don’t want to be too harsh. As long as we have chances and touches in the box and don’t concede too many chances the results will be there. We need to accept this.”

“We had enough chances to score. It was an OK game, sometimes it is hard to score. It is not that you get what you wish for and we have to keep on working hard and be more precise in the opponents’ box.

“Our timing in the last 20 minutes – we need to be more clinical. We invest a lot against the ball so also we were tired when we arrived in good positions.” He concluded.

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