Top 5 Most UNDERRATED Chelsea Players by Fans

Not every player must be a Star! That’s one fact fans do not know that managers know very well.

Many Chelsea fans have voiced out their frustration on players they feel do not perform to the level of expectation they put in their minds and they (fans) end up castigating such players via social media calling on the board to sell the players any available transfer window.

We compiled a list of those players we felt is the most underrated and most criticized on social media by fans and also we dug up tweets that showed fans banter on those Chelsea players.

Most Criticized and underrated Chelsea Forwards 😜

Oliver Giroud is currently the most underrated Chelsea striker and he is closely followed by Callum Hudson odoi who most fans prefer Christian Pulisic to.

Giroud might not be that classy but he always delivers when he is called upon and has some of the most beautiful goals in the history of football to his name. These are some of the tweets praising Oliver Giroud’s beautiful goals.

Screenshot 20210102 044918Screenshot 20210102 044856

Although these are some of the rare praises given to Giroud.

When things go bad for the Striker he gets criticized by those fans you can call plastic fans.

Hudson Odoi isn’t that player that easily gets criticized quickly but he has been seriously underrated. One might even wonder if he was the same player Bayern were hell-bent to bring into their squad.

He has been turned into a rotation winger for both Pulisic and Ziyech.

Most criticized and underrated Chelsea midfielders

Jorginho and Mason mount are currently the most underrated midfielders at Chelsea.

The reason being Jorginho is sluggish with the ball and passes sideways most of the time and fans easily forget Jorginho is an important part of a world-class Italian national team.

Mason mount in his part is being criticized by fans for being overplayed by Frank Lampard.

Chelsea most Underrated Defender

Fikayo Tomori is the most underrated Chelsea defender currently.

The Canadian born Englishman joined frank lampard from derby country and has since being underrated despite having the quality needed to be a guaranteed starter for Chelsea.

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