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Video: Thomas Tuchel Statement About Chelsea Having Clean Sheets

The Quarter Finals of the Emirates FA Cup which had Chelsea match up against Sheffield United for the struggle of the FA Cup semi-final position in today’s match.

Chelsea had the victory over Sheffield with a 2-0 win and also with a clean sheet. Today’s clean sheet equalised the club record settling in 1906.

Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel earlier made a shocking statement about the Chelsea clean sheets during an interview


“The best thing is not to focus on it” – Tuchel


Thomas Tuchel had never focused on maintaining a clean sheet streak or record whilst coaching the club.


“You just loose focus if you now focus on a clean sheet and we maybe will not get it ” – Tuchel


He further stated on the basis of how Chelsea got the multiple clean sheets.


“We got the clean sheets by a while we were over performing and now it is fun to talk about it but it will not be in our focus at all” – Tuchel


Watch full video below:


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