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Tactical Brilliance Ole Displayed against Man United Former boss David Moyes that Led to Manchester United winning West ham

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer one again have Manchester United fans the feeling of them clutching the premier league after a long time of them winning it.

A win against west ham moved Manchester United 14 points close to Manchester city who are currently the league leaders in the league.

Manchester United were resilient in their approach to the game as they made sure they made West Ham sit back on their own end of the pitch with less attempts on attacking Manchester United.

Bruno Fernandes was unarguably the man of the match as he was responsible or involved in almost all Manchester United chances yesterday. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer gave him a free position and you could see him occasionally being the top striker, left winger, right winger and mainly behind the main striker. That role led to him Completely dominating West Ham.

Watch the Match Highlights

Rashford and Mason Greenwood were very lethal in yesterday game their only fault were luck not being on their side as both were almost close to giving Manchester United the lead several times till Bruno Fernandes created with winning chance for Scott mc tomminay which the Scottish Midfielder buried into the net with a sublime header which was later awarded as an own goal for C. Dawson.

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