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Solskjaer Blasts Remarkable Savage Comments on Ronaldo move to Manchester City

The Manchester United manager made it known how he felt about former Manchester United players switching to city rivals

In his comments he said Solskjær “ I know we’re professionals but when you play for Manchester United you don’t go to Manchester City “.

This was actually a Responce to Sergio aguero talks joining Manchester United from Manchester city which flatly debunked then as he felt it was outrageous for players moving between club rivals.

Undoubtedly this is the same way he feels about Christiano Ronaldo rumored move to Manchester city as fans of old Trafford see the Portuguese as a legend of the club.

The Portuguese at his time with manchester United did things unimaginable with the number 7 jersey which made it a burden to bear for any player that chooses the number.

A move to city rivals Manchester city would make him look like a villain to fans who once cheered his name loud at old Trafford during his time with the club.

It is a fact many clubs are not in for him, but a move to pep Guardiola side would mean his legacies at United who be disregarded by fans.