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(See Shocking Figures) Manchester United enters top three in clubs that paid the most in Agent Fees during Covid 19 till date

According to the Chief sport Reporter for the times Martin Ziegler Manchester United have paid £29,801,555 in agent fees in the period 1st February 2020 to 1st February 2021, the third highest in the Premier League behind Chelsea that paid 35,247,822 Pounds and Manchester City that paid 30,174,615 pounds during the covid 19 break till date.

All figures were released by the FA clearing account.

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How Man united Spent close to what Chelsea spent and yet they signed only Bruno and Van de Beek compared to the 7 signings for Chelsea seems shocking also If this was after Manchester United paid Bruno’s fees in January then how the hell did Manchester United manage to spend nearly £30M considering we only bought VDB and Telles then Cavani on a free + 2 youngsters?

Considering Man City spent £120m on players and it’s fairly comparable is shocking!

While many Grassroots football clubs/teams struggle to survive £272million is taken out of OUR GAME. Time to put a levy on Agent fees.

Article Source: Twitter

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