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[See Photos] Manchester United Shares Amad Daillo Stunning First day at the Club Pictures

The Overhyped sensational Wonderkid finally arrived to Old Trafford and Manchester United were quick to post Stunning photos of the players who fans regard better than Manchester United summer transfer target Jadon Sancho.

It is to note that amad diallo the player who the media have Overhyped into the minds of Manchester United faithful fans is no better than Daniel James and he has not played a professional game regularly as he was not even a starter for a mediocre club like Atalanta 😂.

Enough of the banter though don’t blame me am not a Manchester United fan so endure my banters 😋.

Well back to the main purpose of this article Manchester United fans would be really excited for this news as they have waited and endured numerous transfer Speculations that said the player was linked to Manchester United this January transfer window.

The player has finally arrived at old Trafford and here are some photos of the players.

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A moment of joy for all Manchester United fans Worldwide 😃

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