Manchester UnitedAnalysis

Sancho 4.5, Greenwood 7.0, Pogba 8.0 All Manchester United Players Rating Vs Southampton

Sancho was quite a disappointing figure for Manchester United against Southampton as he was brought on in the second half of the game to possibly change the game which obviously he didn’t do we give him a rating of 4.5.

Paul Pogba gave a Masterclass and his moment of brilliance in the Southampton box gave Manchester United the chance to get the goal to Equalize we rate him 8.0

Bruno Fernandes gets a 7.5 following a one-two pass with Paul Pogba which brought about mason Greenwood goal. He showed his class all through the minute he played in the game.

Mason Greenwood gets a 7.0 following the goal he got that grabbed the goal for Manchester United and that brought about them getting the needed draw as they shared a point with Southampton.

Anthony Martial was basically not up to per as he didn’t produce much in the game. We give him a 5.0 rating.

Maguire and linderlof get a 6.0 each both were class although victor linderlof inability to drop in tackles when it matters gave che Adams the chance to hit in a goal after tricking victor linderlof with a dummy that could be avoided with a tackle.

Bissaka gets a 7.0 you could see him dropping occasional tackles in the right hand side of the pitch although he couldn’t connect his game to benefit the attacking players in the pitch and that limited Manchester United chances to Attack.

Fred gets a 5.0 his strength on the ball and his composure centrally gave Manchester United that Defensive stability.