REVEALED! Five Reasons Arsenal Drew Against Southampton Arsenal Fan Highlights

It is just not sad, It is completely abysmal & dire, the whole team just needs to be reshuffled. There is a lot of dead wood at Arsenal FC and there is completely no direction & ambition at this team or squad.

The recruitment of players is totally wrong. The players at the club are not the right ones at all. The quality of the players is wrong. The collective balance of the team or squad is wrong. The mentality of the players is wrong. The character of the players is wrong. There is no drive at this club. There is no winning spirit at this club. Game management & temperament at this club or team is wrong.

The transfer business done during the transfer window is always wrong and/or incomplete. Most of the players don’t feel they are in the right club. There is no ambition or focus at this club. Arsenal FC has never learnt from its earlier mistakes in the previous games or seasons.

There is no learning, unlearning & relearning taking place at Arsenal FC. There is always never sufficient funds to buy the right players for Arsenal FC. There is hardly a return on investment from Arsenal FC players once they are sold. The hierarchy at the club is wrong for a club that is seriously ambitious for greater success at the club. The back up team or squad is very poor. There is really no focus & direction at Arsenal FC.

There is too much laxity at the club that players have become too used & accustomed to. Arsenal FC can & will never seriously attract players who are very ambitious about success in terms of winning trophies or championships or even personal player development & greater success.
Just know there is really nothing that can or will merit greater success at Arsenal FC unless there is a serious & radical change or transformation at Arsenal FC!

Culled by a passionate Arsenal fan ANDA KITH for Eplfantasy