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Rare Video Clips on Eduoard Mendy Vital saves that won Chelsea Points

Ever since the Senegalese Goalkeeper joined chelsea from Rennes he has been key to closing that huge hole present in the chelsea backline.

Many saw chelsea interest in him as “desperate” early during the summer Transfer window where chelsea were in desperate need for a good Goalkeeper as  Kepa arrizabalaga was plainly out of form.

His move to the team helped shaped chelsea backline Confidence and he has Surprised many who thought he wasn’t capable of fitting perfectly in the epl as he came from a lower league.

His saves so far have been vital to chelsea securing points that if he wasn’t the one present in the goal they wouldn’t have won such matches.

Below are some rare video clips on those unreal saves he made for chelsea ever since he joined the team.

You can agree with us chelsea Signing Eduoard Mendy was definitely a bargain.

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