OPINION: Reasons why Arsenal fans want Mikel Arteta to be sacked

Arsenal the history of North Londoners are facing a crucial end to their glory as one of the best clubs in Europe. Their recent performances have not show positive result as to when the club can get on to show its true strength both in the English cups and international trophies.

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Mikel Arteta who took over from winger after years of major trophy drought but seems he is no better as he has faced the worst of Arsenal’s defeat in the in the the last of Arsenal’s at the new Premier League season.

Their first three games have not yielded any results has they remain at the bottom of the Premier League Table.

Fans are furious as to why Mikel Arteta hasn’t been sacked like other clubs do if they require results as 70% of the squad power depends on the coach.

Arsenal are a not goal zone as they have gone 3 game in the Premier League without a single goal but have managed to concede 9 goals. 5 goals from Manchester City, 2 from Chelsea and 2 from Brentford who just got promoted to the Premier League.

Arsenal haven’t given any response to fans requests to sack Mikel Arteta but are also looking into new signings.