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“No one has left the Super league” Florentino Perez on Clubs Withdrawal

Read Madrid president in his interview with El Laguero has revealed no club left the super league as they haven’t paid the penalty to do so.

In his words he said; “De momento nadie se ha ido de la Superliga, nadie ha pagado la penalización para hacerlo. ¿De cuánto es la penalización? No lo voy a decir”

If translated means;

“At the moment no one has left the super league, no one has paid the penalty to do so, How much is the penalty? I’m not going to say it”

If the past few days fans have expressed their desires on their various participating clubs to withdraw from the European Super league and clubs have responded putting out official statements apologizing to fans stating they made a mistake opting for a super league.

With the inaugural European Super league president Florentino Perez putting it out in his interview that no club officially withdraw from the super league that a penalty is attached to withdrawing from the super league, it becomes hard to muster for fans if their emotions are being toyed upon by the club owners who put out official statements that they withdraw from the super league.

He was also asked what date should the super league be expected to commence this was his reply;

“Hemos dicho que saldremos lo antes que se pueda (Superliga) porque es urgente. El agosto de este año o el que viene”

Which means;

“We have said we would start as soon as possible because it’s urgent we can start August this year or next year”.

Is the Super league a menace or is it just UEFA and FIFA being scared of being neglected from the role of being a middle man? Let’s watch this unfold.

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