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Video: Mikel Arteta disappointed with the draw against West Ham United

The match against West Ham and Arsenal ended a draw game where the teams shared equal points.

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It was a very tough and terrific match for Arsenal as West Ham took the lead in the match giving Arsenal 3-0 in the first 32′ minutes of the game but thanks to the own goals created and Lacazzete finishing to make it a draw 3-3.

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Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta expressed his displeasure with the Arsenal style of play against West Ham.

“I am disappointed on one side because of the way we started the game.” – Arteta

He accepted the first West Ham goal conceded. But rejected the rest of the goals scored by West Ham because he feels Arsenal gave them the chances to score.

“The other two goals no, the chance that we gave them at the end  ourselves, I can’t accept it.” – Arteta

He further commended the players performance after the first couple of minutes in the game.

“We showed a phase I didn’t like at all for some minutes in the first half, but I think we hit another level… which is probably the best I’ve seen us play the whole season.” – Arteta

Watch full video below:


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