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Mikel Arteta talks about Arsenal becoming a top 4 team again.

Arsenal is going to match up against West Ham on Sunday, 21st March. Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta talks on some criteria for making Arsenal a top 4 team again.

🗣“If there is no value we represent everyday, nothing is going to happen to what we want to do.” – Arteta

Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta wants building a strong team again who can challenge top teams in the Country and Euroupe at large.

🗣“We have to be so stable, we have to be so specific, so detailed and so good to challenge the top teams in this country and in Europe” – Arteta

He further talked about discipline and togetherness of the players and club which is the core criteria for achieving the dream of Arsenal as they are still miles away from having values he mentioned.

🗣“If you don’t have discipline and that togetherness you are not going to achieve it because quality wise we are not there. We are not even there with the basics we can control.”

Watch full video here:

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