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Migrating to Study in Canada? What they Don’t tell you

Migrating to study Abroad is the dream of every African student like who wouldn’t want to leave the shores of this country to get knowledge from a country that’s developed like Canada? Well no one wouldn’t want to travel to a that has been hyped by most travel agents as a country filled with milk and honey.

The reality is that Canada is a country like every other country around the world though studying there has its own advantages though compared to studying in a country like for example Nigeria.

In this Article I will be stating some things most travel agents don’t tell you about studying to Canada and also the benefits of actually travelling to study in Canada.

Benefits of Travelling to study in Canada

  • Improved state of the art learning facilities

Canada is a developed country and as such You being a student there would expose you to having first hand knowledge on the use of modern equipment that would give you an edge over students studying in Africa.

Only few schools in Africa tap quickly I to modern trends, there are even some cases where a student studying computer science in an African University are taught outdated and unused programing languages like FOTRAN. Whereas languages like C# are the modern trend.

There are even cases where practicals are taught theoretically due to the fact the equipments needed to dispense those knowledge to the students are unavailable in the schools.

  • Better Exposure to Job Opportunities

The rate at which unemployment is in Africa is alarming and it has gotten to the stage the government can do nothing about it. Moving to a country like Canada to study will give you higher chances of getting employment after study as you can easily apply for a work permit in Canada.

What Travel agents don’t tell you about travelling to study in Canada

Well if they tell you the bad or negative sides of studying abroad chances are you might get turned off and neglect that dream of you travelling abroad to study as that would affect them too as they need clients.

They wouldn’t tell you that the cost of living in a country like Canada is extremely high. Also they wouldn’t tell you that you would be unable to work given you have a study permit which would make life comfortable for you there as money is a necessity and you would also have to depend solely on money sent to you by family and friends back home in Africa or Asia to survive.