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Mbappé reaveals his biggest dream for PSG against Real Madrid’s transfer.

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“My biggest dream would be to win the Champions League with PSG, it would be fantastic,” said Mbappe during a joint interview with PSG teammate Neymar for the club’s magazine, which took place back in May.

Kylian Mbappé has said in an interview that he would love to win the Champions League with PSG which in in other words has no plans of living the French club anytime soon.

The 22 year old reavealed this in an interview with the club Magazine alongside his teammate Neymar earlier what his biggest dream is.

“My biggest dream is to win the Champions League with PSG, that would be fantastic. But winning another World Cup would be great too,” commented Mbappé.

During the interview, both Mbappé and Neymar took on the role of being the journalist, with the Frenchman asking the Brazilian what challenge he has yet to fulfil.

“I’m not a very good journalist… what would I ask Neymar? What is your big dream after everything you’ve achieved?” asked Mbappé.

“My biggest dream with PSG is to win the Champions League and with Brazil to win the World Cup. And for you, Kylian, it’s to win the Champions League, isn’t it?” questioned Neymar.
“Why not another World Cup?”

replied Mbappe whilst grinning.

“No, the next World Cup is for me. What’s your next big dream after winning the World Cup?” quizzed Neymar.

Mbappé is back at PSG for training for the new season after the Euro 2020 game and also ready for the preseason games that started shortly after the Euro campaign.