Mathematician crowns Cristiano Ronaldo The Greatest of All Time at Oxford University

The debate of the The decade as to who Is the Greatest of all time. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are the first two to come to mind considering their recent records.

The game of football has been played for centuries now and great footballers have arise from the likes of Pele, Maradona and so many others.

Reports from research shown that scientificqlly has been fascinating the numbers of outrageous and unbelievable things that we see happen in the game; skills and goals.

The G.O.A.T. Index was commissioned by LiveScore to help provide the science behind the longest-running debate in football.


In May, LiveScore announced Cristiano Ronaldo as its Official Global Brand Ambassador.

Ric Leask, Marketing Director at LiveScore, said: “As football fans we have all grown up mesmerised by the most iconic players of our respective generations. However, when it comes to debating the Greatest of all Time, crowning the G.O.A.T. has been a difficult challenge.

“For the first time, we wanted to apply the science of maths to help us solve the eternal question, and it has been fascinating to watch Professor Tom Crawford pour over the numbers on behalf of millions of global fans.

“The G.O.A.T. Index is about far more than a score, for us it helps to settle a debate that has run for generations.

“In May, we backed our man as we unveiled Cristiano Ronaldo as our Official Global Brand Ambassador, and now we know for sure that we have the maths on our side.”

Dr Tom Crawford, Mathematician at the University of Oxford, commented: “As a massive football fan, I have long debated with my friends who the greatest player of all time is.

“I have loved bringing maths to the masses over the past few years, so being able to showcase how you can use it within the world of football has been a lot of fun.

“Whilst Cristiano Ronaldo has come out on top from my algorithm, it is clear that all the other players’ stats are absolutely incredible, and I am sure the debate will continue!”

*Dr Tom Crawford’s algorithm assessed players against seven weighted categories: Club Goals, Club Titles, International Goals, International Titles, Ballon d’Or Awards, Individual Records, ‘Z-factor’ Seasons.