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Manchester United Plan to give David De Gea a payoff to Leave in the summer

This wouldn’t come as a surprise as for the past two seasons the Spaniard has been a shadow of his past self and during that dip in form he made Manchester United lose several semi finals last season.

Manchester United are willing to trust their future with Dean Henderson who was loaned out last season to Sheffield United and made a mark for himself there last season which made the Manchester United board award him a new contract this season as he is seen as a long term heir to David De Gea.

De Gea on his part doesn’t mind competition from the young Englishman but having him as a tier two Goalkeeper for the club would cost alot in wages and Manchester United board in this pandemic period would want to avoid anything that would put them in debt.

Although many fans do not agree with this move as they see David De Gea as a legend for the club after saving the club in numerous occasions where the team was totally in bad shape.

De Gea sees himself beyond this summer with United.

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