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Luis Suarez makes shocking statement about Chelsea in the previous Champions League campaign

Atletico Madrid ace Luis Suarez has declared he will be staying next season.

After helping Atletico win the LaLiga title, Suarez could leave this summer courtesy of a break clause in his deal.

However, throughout the competition, teams did not seem to be much afraid facing Chelsea and did not take the Blues seriously until the ending stages of the rounds, and Luis Suarez Atletico Madrid striker has really confirmed this.

Chelsea of course, were the team that knocked Atletico out of the competition, and perhaps this was when it really made him and a number of others sit back and start to fear Chelsea a little more.

The rest is history, and Chelsea will now spend the new season as Champions of Europe. But Suarez is actually taking inspiration from Chelsea’s campaign, as reported by Tribal Football.

Luis Suarez also declared an ambition to win the Champions League next term.

He said: “The ambition does not have to stop and why not dream of having that possibility of entering the club’s history and winning a European Cup.

“It would be something incredible, something unique. The teams and the possibilities are not marked by anyone before each season, whether one or the other is a favourite.

“Look at Chelsea, whom everyone wanted to face because they saw them as weak and they ended up winning the Champions League.”

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