Kurt Zouma performed awesome dancing steps to a music in the dressing room after the Champions League win

Chelsea won their second Champions League title when they beat their London rivals Manchester City 1-0 to lead them straight to the trophy thanks to Kai Havertz’ late half time breakthrough

Although City dominated the second half, looking desperately for an equaliser, Pep Guardiola’s men could not put the ball inside the net as the Blues built a defense wall and returned back long crosses till the final whistle came by.

Chelsea lifted their second Champions League title and they – players, staff and fans – were full of joy.

The party did not end on the pitch; it extended to the locker room as well. Music, Drinks including Champagne and dancing were all present for the celebration but the most impressed was that of Kurt Zouma.

Chelsea defender Kurt Zouma made good moves to the music in the background as he danced to every beat. It was very good as other Chelsea players’ started filming his awesome dance steps.

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