Jorginho reveals major secret behind recent trophies and award winning form

Chelsea Midfielder Jorginho Frello has no doubt had an incredible 2021 as in the past couple of months he has succeeded in completing a European clean sweep after winning the UEFA Champions League, EUROS 2020 and the UEFA Super Cup with Chelsea and Italy respectively, becoming the first player to play in all finals.

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Jorginho recently won the UEFA Men’s best player award and it’s no longer news that the Italian is up there amongst the very best in the Balon d’or power rankings.

The 29 year old dominated the stats for defensive Midfielders in both the UCL and the Euros, little wonder he was named in the team of the tournament of both competitions respectively.

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In a recent interview with the players’ tribune, Jorginho revealed the motivating factor behind his recent performances. According to him; his initial struggles at Chelsea made him miss Napoli even more.

“We all remember what they were saying, right? I was too slow, too weak, Sarri’s son. Man, it made me angry. But listen, they underestimated me. I’ve had a turbulent start at every club I’ve been with. It’s incredible”

“I just used the criticism as fuel. I was thinking, These people are going to be embarrassed. And now I’m sitting here with a Europa League title and a Champions League title. So to all the critics, I just want to say one thing. Thank you. Really, thank you all.”

Clearly, not many fancied Jorginho when he first arrived at Chelsea in 2018 as it was feared he wouldn’t be able to cope with the pace and physical demands of English football. It’s quite laudable that the Italian has used the criticisms as a motivation rather than an excuse to give up.

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