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(Italy 3 – 0 Turkey) The Italians break Down Turkey Solid Defense to Pieces [Full Highlights & Report]

The Italians gave turkey a very hard time on the pitch as they broke down their legendary Defense to pieces

It was an end to end encounter between Italy and turkey but with the Italians going home with the prized win after turkey tried their best to keep Italy at bay until demiral own goal happened.

The first goal was demiral trying to nod the ball out of the 16 yard box after Domenico berardi hit in a powerful shot at goal but unlikely for him he was the catalyst to the goal being an eventual goal.

Ciro immobile in the 66th minute of the Encounter got the ball from former Juventus left back spinazzola and found a way to get the ball into the back of the net as he gave Italy the second goal of the game.

In the 79th minutes when all thought the game had went to rest with Italy sitting back to defend, low and behold the Italians pulled up a stunner with insigne scoring the goal from Ciro immobile assisting him.

Jorginho was calm and collected in the game and dictated the tempo and flow of the game and the commentators in the early minutes of the game made the same remark as they praised the chelsea man effort in the game.

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The Italians got 61% of the ball all through the game in ball possession and shot the post on target 8 times with turkey doing so only once all through the 90 minutes of the game. Italy shot the ball off target 8 times with turkey doing so only once.

The game ended 3-0 with the Italians getting the best out of the game and the turkey national team going into the dressing room to restructure their Tactics right for the next game if they hope to get past the group stage of the competition.

The Italians go home happy with extravagant smiles on their faces as they get the three opening goals of the competition.

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