ArsenalPress conference

“I’ll push him and take his Shirt” Summer Transfer fraud “Ramsdale” Speaks on his Arsenal ambition

Arsenal latest 26 million euro backup Goalkeeper speaks on his desire to prove Doubters wrong and push the standing Arsenal number 1 off the pecking order.

The former Sheffield United man spoke shortly after he was announced to the fans following mixed feelings as he had to shut down his Instagram account comments following abuses he received from Arsenal fans around the world.

His Transfer sparked alot of controversies on how ambitious Arsenal were in recent years as many fans were of the opinion he doesn’t worth half the ridiculous fees Arsenal paid to get his signature following his form in recent years where he has been relegated in almost all teams he kept for.

Well Aaron Ramsdale is of the opinion to prove fans and his doubter wrong as he aims to take the number one spot off Leno and be the Goalkeeper Arsenal wished Leno was.

These were his words; “Competition is key! Arsenal is also a fantastic place to be, Leno has done a fantastic job over the year’s”.

“Am here to push him all the way and take his shirt, that’s for me to achieve and for him to keep a watch off, healthy competition is always going to be good for the group and hopefully I can bring something different not only to the Goalkeeping Department but also the team as well.”

“We all have different qualities and hopefully we can all merge into one and form a great team.”