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“I Don’t think he should be in this Squad over Bissaka” – Troy Deeney Gives Reason

Recce james is an explosive attacking right back who can be deployed as a right wing back and also he has an explosive tackling ability that naturally give him an added advantage over Manchester United sensational right back Aaron Wan Bissaka who is more focused on the Defensive aspect of the game with little to no focus on attack.

Troy Deeney See’s Aaron Wan Bissaka as a perfect right back solution for the three lions as they are not too solid Defensively.

 “It’s not personal, just an opinion; I don’t think Reece James goes over Wan-Bissaka. I don’t think he should have been in this squad over Wan-Bissaka. He doesn’t always start for Chelsea, that’s a main (reason). But I just think Wan-Bissaka is so good defensively.”

Reece despite being a talented full back has found it difficult displacing Ceser Azipiculeta as the mainstay right back and now with Thomas Tuchel 3-4-3 formation he has found Callum Hudson odoi as a threat on his wide position and has rarely played for his new manager.

 “You can say what you want about Wan-Bissaka with the ball, but when it comes to the nitty-gritty you’re going to need someone who will clamp down on their winger, know his role, do his job, get the ball and give it to the better players”

Despite being better on the ball Troy believes the primary duty of a right back is to defend and clearly Aaron Wan Bissaka suppases him in that role.

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