How much prize money Chelsea will receive for winning the Champions League

Chelsea were triumphant against Manchester City yesternight in Porto as they emerged winners of the 2020/21 UEFA Champions league.

Alongside the well sculpted silverware and medals, Chelsea will also receive a good cash prize in total for emerging Champions of Europe.

The Champions League prize money is split based on how far each side progress in the competition and how many matches they win along the way.

Teams who reach the group stage receive a fee of £13.14million, while each win in the group pays £2.32million and a draw gets you £770k.

Clubs who advanced to the knockout stage of the tournament are awarded additional prize money. Teams earn £8.16million for progressing to the round of 16, £9million for the quarter-finals and £10.3million for the semi-finals.

The losers of the Champions League finals earn £13million, £3million less that the winners who gets £16million.

Chelsea winning the Champions league means they earned around £70million in prize money.

Those figures are performance-based, and UEFA distributes more cash to clubs based on the broadcast ‘market pool’ concept, which sees money distributed depending on the size of their television market.

So in total, Chelsea are expected to earn in excess of £120million for winning the Champions League.

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