ChelseaTraining Session

Hilarious Moment when Chelsea Attackers Turned Goalkeepers During Session

Who conceeded most? Well Lukaku finished his second training session with the club and had a session where he turned out to be a Goalkeeper during training.

The sole purpose of the training is to prepare the players in dire Tactical situations where the Goalkeeper might get injured without a ready replacement in the bench just like the Champions League group stages where pep Guardiola was forced to make Kyle walker a Goalkeeper after both Ederson and Claudio bravo went out.

Among the Chelsea Stars that were pictured in training having Goalkeeping sessions were;

Romelu Lukaku, Kai Havertz, Callum Hudson odoi, Jorginho frello.

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Kai Havertz on his part looked commited to be at the Goalpost. Maybe in future he would swap places with Kepa arrizabalaga *lol* just joking though.