“He’s better than Mendy… He’s not proving anything”- Fans Gang up against Mendy as they Rate Kepa

Fan's believe Mendy is being outclassed by the performance Kepa has shown in recent time

It’s been a torrid past two years for Kepa who joined Chelsea from Athletico bilbao on a record transfer fee with the hopes of being rated the best Goalkeeper in the world following that enormous transfer. Sadly that hasn’t worked out for him even though he got to win the UEFA Europa League for Chelsea in his first season being the first choice goalie.

The season after that trophy triumph has brought out questions if he was even worth the transfer fee paid for him or if his transfer was just a means to launder money as we saw during Nicholas pepe move to Arsenal from lille where board members were laid off for using pepe transfer as a means to launder money out of the club.

CA5488A0 7FEC 4184 AD25 6B9A4F5A81FBWell under Frank lampard the Spanish Goalkeeper showed no sign of ever coming back into that fantasy form fans believed he would regain instead he got even worse and gave Frank Lampard no other choice than to Give Willy cabarello a chance to shine as the club starting Goalkeeper before finally getting a transfer for Edouard Mendy who turned out to be the missing piece Chelsea needed to steady their backline.

Fast forward to post-lampard era Kepa is beginning to regain a form believed to be impossible for the spainard to have and he even turned out to be a dependable hands for Chelsea during penalty shootouts (an aspect of his game he clearly beats Mendy at).

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Well he has gotten the trust of Chelsea fans and with the AFCON approaching Kepa could finally be the club first choice over Mendy is he continues to improve on his already impressive form for his club and might possibly be the first choice goalie for his country Spain given Chelsea are rated above Manchester United at the moment.

Talking about getting the trust of fans, Kepa has managed to get fans debating on something one wouldn’t think would be debatable, his form has made fans debate who is better between him or Mendy and some fans showed their trust and love for him as they believed he deserves being the first choice for the club and that is not even debatable they said.

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Also some fans supporting Mendy stated Kepa has some aspect of his game he needs to improve on and a part was his inability to handle long range shots. His inability to handling long range shots was one of the reasons Leicester city got to win the FA cup last season although the loss shouldn’t be credited on Kepa performance as Timo werner made mockery of countless chances given to him to utilise.

I’ll leave you to read what some fans said concerning his performance.

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Well no Goalkeeper in the history of football has ever been perfect they all have had bad period in a season where fans would Literally demand they should be sold even if they have brought top performances before.

Talk about Cech who has the record of being the only Goalkeeper to have conceded the least amount of goals in a season in the epl for Chelsea under Jose mourinhio, during his time with Arsenal before he retired he was benched by Leno for his poor performance.

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What about Leno who was almost considered the best Goalkeeper to ever play for Arsenal, when he got injured Emi Martinez rose up to the moment and became a safe hand for Arsenal before been tossed to Aston Villa after Leno came back from injury. With consistent bad form Leno had Arsenal had to go into the transfer market moving for two Goalkeepers that failed to bench Leno (Matt Ryan and Runnasson) before splashing the cash on the acquisition of Aaron Ramsdale with a bad history of relegation to finally bench poor performing Leno.

Well I believe Kepa can come good but he has a long way to go before being rated in the same sentence with Mendy who has proved to be a dependable hand for Chelsea fc.