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FULL MATCH HIGHLIGHT: Manchester City defeats Arsenal to leave them at bottom of the Premier League Table.

Manchester City today with a5 goal thriller against Arsenal the secure a home win over the Golden Premier League holders who have failed to secure a win their last three Premier League games.

Arsenal having their bad luck at their most appreciated time for a comeback as fans expected more from the English club but that was a disgraceful defeat in the past decade.

The first half of the game was so unpleasant for Arsenal as the conceded 3 goals and were also awarded a red card leaving the to continue play till the end of 90minutes with only 10 players.

Mikel Arteta eyes wide open while other Premier League Clubs shows the weaknesses in the squad and giving a lead to other clubs to come forward and get their 3 points from Arsenal.

Arsenal were defeated 2-0 by Brentford, Chelsea coming along with no mercy also with 2 goal thriller defeated Arsenal 2-0. Manchester City having Arsenal home beat Arteta to a 5-0 win to prove their stans on the premiere league table.

After today’s match Arsenal resides at the bottom of the premiere League table with Westhampton having the lead with 6 points and 5 goals.

Rodri and Torres made it five for Manchester City at the end of 90 minutes of play.