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Frank Lampard gives hints on where Werner will play against City

Chelsea’s manager Frank Lampard have given hints on what to expect of Werner against Manchester City.

The German international striker has struggled to replicate his form during his time RB Leipzig at Chelsea.

His recent form have seen fans calling for him to be dropped till he finds form and regains confidence.

But Frank Lampard has backed the player and reveals he won’t drop Timo Werner against Manchester City.

Chelsea boss Frank Lampard says Werner have the qualities to lend themselves while facing a team like City, who will provide a more open game than most teams in the league.

“City will be a different game but we are a possession-based team and we usually have the lion’s share of possession.” Lampard said in his recent press conference.

“We have generally found some low-block teams against us over the last period that we haven’t broken down well enough when actually we were earlier in the season so there are little tweaks we need to make to that.

He continued saying, “Timo’s attributes can be very powerful on the counter-attack but there are lots of things that we need in the game against Manchester City on and off the ball. He’s always a huge weapon on that and I think he will become a huge weapon against low blocks as well.

“It’s not that he can’t play against that – he’s sharp and he can finish so sometimes the onus is on us to get the ball into the right areas.”

Concerning Timo’s recent bad run of form, Frank Lampard backed the striker and says he expects him to pick form anytime soon.

Lampard had this to say about Werner’s form: “Every player goes through tough times in front of goal and I always found that work at the training ground was the only way to turn that. It’s about simple work, repetition of finishing, which Timo is doing now, and when you work like that then it’s a matter of time.

“His natural attributes will get him in front of goal, get him away from defenders and get him those chances again. The beauty is that he’s been getting chances because that’s definitely a positive.

Lampard concluded saying: “If his confidence is low from missing a couple, that’s only natural and it’s my job to help push him in a positive direction. I feel the goals will come.”