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Edison Cavani’s new jersey number revealed as Ronaldo retakes famous number 7

A lot of questions have been asked by the fans over the past week after Man United re-signed Cristiano Ronaldo from Juventus.

Questions were asked as to what jersey number Ronaldo would be donning in his second spell at Manchester United as his favourite jersey number was being held by Uruguayan striker, Edison Cavani.

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It’s known to all and sundry that Ronaldo’s brand is CR7 and he’d love to wear the number 7 shirt but there stood a stumbling block at the time as Edison Cavani had already been registered with the number 7 and according to Premier League rules, Cavani won’t be able to give up the jersey.

However, to every general rule there is an exception and the exception in this case became available after Daniel James secured a move to Leeds United few days ago. And it meant Edison Cavani could pick up the vacated squad number as in doing so he’d be conforming to premier league rules.

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It therefore meant that Cristiano Ronaldo would be free to take up the number 7 shirt if Edison Cavani was willing to take up the number 21 vacated by Daniel James and the wishes of Cristiano Ronaldo and many Many Utd fans has been met as Edison Cavani has indeed shown that he was willing to give up the number 7 for Ronaldo thereby enabling him stick to his brand CR7.

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Ronaldo has expressed his gratitude to the Uruguayan striker thanking him for the “incredible gesture”.

“I wasn’t sure if it would be possible to have the number seven shirt again. So I would like to say a huge thank you to Edi [Cavani] for this incredible gesture.”

Edison Cavani is no stranger to the number 21 shirt as it has been his jersey number for the Uruguayan national team for years now and he’d definitely feel comfortable wearing it for Manchester United.

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