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Why you don’t need WES evaluation to Study Abroad – Fascinating Truth’s you didn’t Know

WES evaluation is a credential evaluation that enables institutions Abroad like School’s and Employers, Immigration authorities Understand your educational background.

Well many who have at one point thought of immigrating abroad at one point to study have been Misguided on the importance of having WES evaluation in pursuing their study abroad, Work abroad dreams not knowing they really might not even need it.

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Do you Need WES evaluation for Graduate/undergraduate programs

Getting WES evaluated is Really Expensive with getting evaluated costing around $300 also judging from what an experienced Study in abroad coach Dr Linda iheme said in her recent video on the issue of WES evaluation not being important she said “during her time traveling to Canada to pursue her studies in the university of Waterloo she was made to believe that WES evaluation was important in her aim to study in Canada whereas it wasn’t even important as she wrote to the university management”

The university management replied her email weeks back noting that they wouldn’t even accept a WES evaluated Result even if she had it. Just Assume she had done it, she would have wasted around $300 which at that time was about  45,000 naira (Nigerian Currency).


Going for a Graduate program abroad doesn’t need you to be WES evaluated as it’s mostly reserved for Undergraduate programs

Countries that Require Wes evaluated Results and Countries that Do not really Require Wes evaluated Result

Note that most schools Abroad would not ask you for a WES evaluated Result we Would provide you with a list that comprise of countries that might request for a WES evaluated Result Below;


95% of schools in Canada do not require Wes evaluated Result the 5% that do have basically no resources to access your Transcript so why bother to go-to schools that have limited resources?

2. US

The chance here is 50/50 there are over 4000 schools in the US that offers undergraduate programs while there are over 1000 schools in the US that offers Graduate programs that means over 500 need WES evaluation while the other 500 do not need WES evaluation as in regards to Graduate programs. Why bother yourself on the schools that need WES evaluation? Remember getting WES evaluated is a very stressful process that might even see you miss out on opportunities of applying to another school if the School you are applying to eventually fails to happen due to the time required to get Wes evaluated.

3. Uk

Some schools in the United kingdom would request for a WES evaluated Result whereas most wouldn’t so the key is to find schools they do not require a WES evaluated Result and Apply or should it be that the school in question is the school you really want to apply for you can request for a Conditional admission offer where they would grant you admission if you have already gotten Wes evaluation.

Required Document for WES evaluation

Document for WES evaluation

Getting WES evaluated requires some important documents like;

  • Academic Transcript

An academic Transcript is a document given to you by the institution you attended that lists all subjects you took and grades earned for each year of study.

You would be required to ask your institution to send a copy of your academic Transcript to WES in a Sealed envelope.

Also note that your Academic Transcript which should be sent to WES must include your Matriculation Number, your Name and your Date of birth.

  • Your Degree Certificate

You would also be required to Submit a Clear and legible photocopy of your Degree Certificate to Wes through an account you can create online here

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