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Dani Ceballos issues a swift response to rumours of training ground fight with David Luiz



ceballos zidane


ceballos zidane

It’s interesting when you see stories emerge about fights in training between footballers, because usually there has to be something behind them.

The Athletic’s David Ornstein is usually pretty spot on with his Arsenal coverage and he has a reputation to uphold as an accurate reporter, so there was no reason to doubt the recent story he broke about a fight between Dani Ceballos and David Luiz in training:

It looked like the players had made up and there wasn’t going to be any follow up from the club’s point of view, so in theory there wasn’t really anything else to worry about.

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Things have taken an interesting new twist after Ceballos himself went on Twitter to shut down these claims:

The reality is that nobody really knows what went on at this point due to the conflicting reports, but you really need to believe the player who was involved unless any new evidence turns up to confirm that it did happen.

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