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Combined XI: Manchester United DOMINATE Despite Guardiola Heavy Spendings

Pep Guardiola despite his heavy Spendings on improving his Current team could not Domainate this combined line up of both Manchester United clubs as they Prepare to clash today at 20:45 GMT that would be played at Old Trafford.

Manchester United were able to heavily dominate the Combined lineup on the defensive aspect one area Manchester United has Excelled above Pep Guardiola side that has spent over $500 million on defense been still have been shaky although one can not really blame the signing has pep Guardiola system doesn’t require defensive rigidity as he (pep) believes in High pressing possession football (Tiki-taka).

De Gea was chosen above Ederson to man the Goalpost not really based on his recent form as David De Gea has been close to Terrible in recent times taking care of the Goalposts he was partly one of the reasons for Manchester United early exit from the champions league as they lost to Bundesliga side Rb Leipzig although he has been awesome for the past few games he played and might be the reason Manchester United would progress to the next round of the competition although the reason of his inclusion was majorly on his experience and previous form as a world class goalie a status Ederson can’t really boast about.

New Manchester United left back signing from Fc Porto Alex telles has no rival on this spot except for his fellow teammate Luke shaw who has been injury prone although one can not deny his top class quality. Alex telles takes the spot based on his Exceptional performance since he arrived at the club.

Laporte from Manchester City takes the Left center back spot with second choice
on that spot being his fellow teammate who was signed by pep Guardiola from Benfica last summer and has had a tremendous impact at defense since joining the club but Laporte takes this purely because of his extreme importance to the defense line of Manchester City.

Harry Maguire takes the Right spot of the Center back due to his Leadership qualities and ability to quickly re-organize a scattered defense line (a situation where defensive players leave their position temporarily) his ability to take on aerial duels and win them comfortably thanks to his Height. His coming to the Manchester United team has cemented the defense line it is no wonder why Aaron wan-bissaka takes the Right back spot and plays besides Harry Maguire to cement that unshakable defense line for the Manchester Teams.

Last season Pep Guardiola super Defensive signing Rodri has no rival on his spot in this combined XI due to his tremendous and exceptional form since he joined the citizens from Atletico Madrid last summer he has been that Revelation Pep Guardiola needed to finally replace fernandino. Back then during his playing time with atletico Madrid in Spain he was called the reincarnated Sergio busquets due to his ability to slowly read the game and transition defense to attack easily and also break play effectively from his opponents.

Bruno Fernandes and Kelvin De brunye takes on the Attacking Midfield position due to their extreme impact for both clubs since they joined Kelvin vision and magic in creating unthinkable Goals for the strikers and Bruno ability to drive the ball forward and distribute effectively to the strikers and also take on the responsibility to make sure he wins the game is one quality that makes him unbenchable in this Line up.

Rashford takes the spot as the Center forward in this Line up unarguably the best striker in Manchester right now. Rashford with his killer pace, fantastic dribbling and leadership abilities are enough qualities that makes him start in this Line up.

New signing ferran Torres takes up right wing. He was initially bought to replace outgoing left Winger Sane but he has performaned better than someone bought with the aim of replacing someone, Torres has been top quality since he joined the Citizens from Valencia this summer transfer window.

Mahrez takes up the Right wing spot as he has been a delight to watch this season his current form is one reason he can’t be dropped for other alternatives in his position like Sterling and Martial.

Despite Guardiola heavy Spendings on players it was expected he dominated this lineup with his players.

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