BREAKING: Chelsea shortlists Liverpool star Mo Salah for transfer alongside Lukaku and Haaland

Tuchel considers Mo Salah to join the squad in the summer transfer window

Chelsea have just few games to end this season which they need to focus on, a certain German insider has decided to get everyone talking about the summer transfer window.

Christian Falk knows his worth though and his news lands as a big bombshell. Chelsea are apparently interested in Mo Salah as they pursue a good goalscoring forward this summer.

The links to Romelu Lukaku and Erling Haaland have been heard plenty of times before, but the idea that Salah might join from Premier League rivals Liverpool is a juicy one. It’s also easy to see him slotting in to any of the attacking positions in Tuchel’s 3-4-3-formation.

Salah was of course once a Chelsea player, although he didn’t get many chances before being shipped out by Jose Mourinho. Resigning him or Lukaku for that matter would be an admission of a mistake in the past. But if it takes this team to the next level, there’s nothing wrong with that.

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Chelsea manager, Thomas Tuchel believes Mo Salah will be able to fit-in any of the squad position as he will do well if he plays the forward as a better finisher for chances created.

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