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Best goals scored in August Long-range efforts, overhead kicks and volleys in the EPL

 2021-22 English Premier League season kickoff was 13 of August and in the past month have been most entertaining with record Breaking 90minutes of play down to goal contributions (goals and assists).

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Arsenal who opened the game with a 2-0 loss the Brentford a newly promoted team. The goals and assists have been record packed as Manchester United’s Paul Pogba record 4 assists which led to goal and Bruno Fernandes scored a hat-trick in 3 goals all in a single match.

Manchester City having lost their first premiere opening game to Tottenham Hotspur with just 1 goal. But went to score 5 goals against Norwich City and 5 goals against Arsenal.

Chelsea with their new signings are also in a swift run for the top spot on the English Premier League table with 2 wins and a draw against Liverpool.

Arsenal are the only team in North London without a single goal this season and have conceded 9 goals this season with 2 goals from Chelsea, 2 goals from Brentford and 5 goals from Manchester City.

Check out the best goals scored in August Long-range efforts, overhead kicks and volleys in the English Premier League

1. Manchester City 10

2. West Ham United 10

3. Everton 7

4. Manchester United 7

5. Chelsea 6

6. Liverpool 6

7. Aston Villa 5

8. Brighton and Hove Albion 4

9. Leeds United 4

10. Leicester City 4

11. Newcastle United 4

12. Southampton 4

13. Brentford 3

14. Tottenham Hotspur 3

15. Watford 3

16. Burnley 2

17. Crystal Palace 2

18. Norwich City 1