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BREAKING: Manchester United vs Liverpool match in doubt over fans protests in Old Trafford

The Premier League game fixture of Manchester United and Liverpool is in a state of uncertainty as fans protest inside the pitch in Old Trafford.

Thousands of Manchester United fans have breached the security and gained entry into the pitch ahead of United’s match against The Merseysiders and they have destroyed some equipment’s which they could lay hands on.

Someone was seen running with the corner kick stand flag which he had removed from it’s position.

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Police officers are doing their possible best to drive out the fans from the pitch and the Match will be delayed as the protesters are putting up struggle to resist the security force.

Meanwhile, another man was seen with a camera stand which he flung it over a bar into the pitch and broke some parts of the camera stand.

The Premier League match between Manchester United and Liverpool will be delayed till 19:30; prior to the scheduled time of 16:30 PM.

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See Photos of the protest below

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